Access to the Mighty Energy That Creates Life

Wisdom of Sexual Practice at the Females’ Academy.

The methods, which create the educational system of the Females’ Academy, teach you to draw sexual energy. They help to preserve, renew or even increase your sexual energy. Simultaneously, the methods show you the ways of using your energy in the areas most important to you.

Strictly hidden for a long time and carefully protected Taoist methods of sexual cultivation, are accessible today in a modern and progressive form to present day women, who are aware of health being the best investment.

The Taoist system is the perfect system based on self-help, with the goal to prevent and heal the consequences of the modern life as well as stress of the modern woman.

The greatest credit goes to Master Chia, whose thousands of years old secret wisdom and knowledge count today as most effective and thoroughly studied in complementary and integrative treatments.

Even though, we like to occupy ourselves with different exercises, only few practices, except the actual sexual intercourse, strengthen the important pelvic muscles, vaginal as well as uterine, perineum and other energetic muscles.

Their important role is in the increase of energy, rejuvenation of genitalia and the tendon’s network, nerves, blood vessels, lymph glands. There are even fewer exercises that preserve and renew sexual energy and transform it into life energy.

Taoist methods, in harmony with present day neuro-linguistic and intensive sexual practices, make everything mentioned possible, and even more. With their help you will be able to directly transform and use your own sexual and personal potentials.

At Females’ Academy we disclose and teach the ancient and present day intensive sexual practices, as well as hand you the keys and codes for their application.

Awaken Your Sexual Potentials

Rejuvenate Your Femininity and Sexual Libido, Vagina and Ovaries

The female attractiveness, vitality, strength and passion for life as well as sexuality, arise from the potential of sexual energy.

The Emperors’ methods of females’ sexual potentials have been guarded behind the Emperor’s walls for centuries. Only the Empresses, chosen Emperors’ lovers and their master teachers »White Tigresses« were familiar with these methods.

At Females’ Academy we provide you with the practice and knowledge that enables you to harness your own sexual potentials as a fuel for vitality, as well as fulfilling your desires, personal or professional goals.

Sexual Difficulties of the Modern Woman

Modern day women find themselves involved in many present day activities: family, parenting, partners, business and socially related tasks. Each of them influences the female vitality, sexual condition, libido and the level of energy.

When we add childbirth, period and the consequences of a stressful lifestyle as well as nutrition, women are confronted with »Modern« difficulties:

The sexual libido decreases and so does the desire for sexuality •
Sexual organs cool down •
Because of stress the lubrication of vagina reduces •
Sexual energy begins to run out •
Fatigue and exhaustion increase •

• Orgasmic potential reduces
• Vaginal discharge and vaginal inflammation increases
• Hormonal imbalance
• Menstrual problems, PMS
• Difficulties of Menopause

Decode the Difficulties of the Modern Woman

With Your Own Sexual Potentials

The encrypted code is hidden in the practices of the female sexual potentials of the Females’ Academy that teach you how to increase your sexual energy, preserve the vitality of the love muscles and manage the sexual and emotional energy.

Exercise the intensive practices of sexual potentials and:

Increase your sexual attraction •
Return vaginal lubrication and elasticity •
Increase your pleasure and desire for sexuality •
Enhance orgasmic potential •
Rejuvenate the vagina, uterus and breasts •
Eliminate exhaustion and fatigue •

• Prevent emergence of cyst, tumors
• Get rid of pain and emotional blockade
• Get rid of vaginal inflammation and urethra infection
• Reduce menstrual problems
• Eliminate PMS

Unlock and Activate the Female Sexual Potentials

All Potentials Are Yours and Are In You!

SEXUAL ENERGY – strongest fuel against stress

ORGASMIC POWER – the spring of sexual power

FEMALE SEXUAL ORGANS – generators of female sexual power

Sexual Energy

Strongest Fuel against Stress and Fatigue.

Sexual energy is the strongest energy that a human can own. It is the primeval energy, the root of life. It is the everyday fuel, for the needs of the body, for our functioning as well as everything we do.

It enables us not to succumb to stress and fatigue in our personal, family and business related activities, it helps us not to exhaust our bodies, our femininity, health and vitality.

Sexual energy is the most powerful fuel for preserving and increasing our vitality, beauty, youth as well as achieving our goals and wishes. At the same time our sexual attractiveness increases and our health problems are eliminated.

When we raise the level of our sexual energy, our personal power increases, all our abilities increase and we know exactly what we want.

Orgasmic power

The Spring of Sexual Power and the Mean to Prevent Aging

During an orgasm great amount of sexual energy is created. The longer the orgasm lasts, the more sexual energy emerges. If we measure sexual energy in units, the amount of sexual energy can rise from 10 units to 100, 1000 or 100.000 units.

The longer the duration of the orgasm, the more sexual and healing energy emerges. Simultaneously, many important hormones are released during the orgasm. Among other hormones, also hormones develop that slow down the process of aging (gonadotrophins).

During the process of an orgasm, the activity of the hypophysis as well as the hypothalamus is activated, which produce important hormones that activate the endocrine glands and spread the hormones throughout the entire body.

Female Sexual Organs

The Generators of Healing and Creative Sexual Energy

The female sexual organs are »generators« that distribute sexual energy in the form of ovaries and female hormones, needed for all physical activities and our functioning. Sexual organs or reproductive organs are the most important parts of the female body. All life important organs, including the brain, contribute their share of energy supply for their creation and care.

We are aware that human life begins with the unification of the ovum and sperm. This incredible power, all this creative sexual energy that creates new life, women possess the ability to transform it into their personal life energy. The process of creation takes place inside the female sexual organs: women’s breasts, ovaries and uterus.

An important role is also played by the vagina, muscles and love gland, diaphragms and centers, which help transport and transform sexual energy into a life force. The body uses it to increase health, beauty, vitality, mental abilities and life power.

Main Generators

For a Healing and Creative Sexual Energy

Women’s Breasts

A Step Away From Happiness and Pleasure or Illness

Breasts, along with the areola and the nipple, are activators of the female sexual power and sexual hormones of youth, pleasure and health. They are connected to all important sexual and vital organs as well as glands. When we stimulate the breasts, sexual energy rises and the sexual organs, glands and vital organs regenerate.

The flow of energy in breasts, which we enforce with regular women’s care, even helps relieve congestion.

We know that congestion eventually can lead to cancer. Breast cancer is the type of cancer that is the most common cause of death in women.

Advice: Nurture your breasts with the help of special techniques and enjoy happiness instead of illness.

Ovaries and Uterus

The Storage of Sexual Potential

Women’s ovaries and uterus contain supplies of energy for the production of approximately 400 to 500 ova during the period of fertility. Furthermore, there is a supply of approximately 450 to 500.000 new ova or descendants.

This means that women have great sources of life energy to their disposal with which we are not only able to enhance our vitality, health, beauty but also increase the power of life to achieve a happy and full life.

Advice: Harness your supplies of sexual energy with special methods!


The Love Muscle

The Love Muscles are composed of:   the vagina or pelvic floor muscle, the pubococcygeus muscle and the puborectalis muscle, which keep the body and vital organs in prime shape and youthful.

If we do not keep the love muscles in shape and vital, difficulties may arise because of impaired blood flow and energy. The muscle tension loosens, it drains energy and sexual organs are cooling down, which causes the loss of our sexual attractiveness, lubrication and the wish for sexual intercourse.

Simultaneously, there is not a sufficient flow of fresh blood and nutrients to the uterus and ovaries, which disables their proper functioning. This manifests in difficulties during periods, inflammation, growths and even problems connected to pregnancy.

Advice: Regular exercise is the best pharmacy and cosmetics!

Sexual practice

At Females’ Academy we provide you with practical methods and knowledge that help you use your own sexual potentials as fuel to reach vitality and realize your wishes, personal and professional goals.

The Emperors’ methods of women’s sexual potentials have been guarded behind Emperors’ walls for centuries. Only the Empresses and the chosen Emperor’s lovers knew about them. Their original wisdom originates from the female Taoist order of mistresses »White Tigresses« who have cultivated the female and sexual potentials.

We have prepared original methods for you, a combination of the ancient Taoist and modern scientific methods:

THE POWER OF THE PERFECT ORGASM – pleasure that rejuvenates and creates life strength

»WOMEN’S PEARLS« – The Emperors’ techniques of vitalizing your vagina and reproductive organs

EMOTIONAL-SEXUAL MANAGEMENT – manage your emotional and sexual energy

The Power of the Perfect Orgasm

Pleasure That Rejuvenates and Creates Life Strength.

Women have access to inexhaustive sexual pleasure. The female body is multi-orgasmic. Therefore we have access to an incredible amount of energy that is created during an orgasm. With the method of a perfect orgasm we learn to use this orgasmic power for healing, vitality and energy that rejuvenates the vital and sexual organs.

During an orgasm enormous quantities of sexual energy are created. Energy that creates life. During an ordinary orgasm all these quantities of energy get lost outside of us.

During a perfect orgasm we learn how to redirect this creative orgasmic energy into the body. Aside from achieving indescribable pleasure, which lasts as long as we wish to, a full body or perfect orgasm creates more life and healthy energy.

With the perfect or full body orgasm we redirect the healing sexual energy, which contains an extremely strong energy charge, into the sexual and vital organs and glands that begin to heal and regenerate.

Every time we redirect the aroused orgasmic energy towards the brain, we improve our memory, feed and regenerate cells and the entire body is overwhelmed by the wonderful pleasure that lasts as long as we wish. 

Women’s Pearls

The Emperors’ Techniques of Vitalizing the Vagina and Reproductive Organs

The sexual practice »Women’s Pearls« has only been accessible to Empresses and chosen Emperors’ lovers.

All women, who have mastered and practiced the mystic sexual method »Women’s Pearls«, were extremely attractive, they possessed a great deal of sexual energy, they were healthy and youthful.

Despite their mature years their sexual organs were young, tight and flexible as of young, unmarried women.

With this exceptional technique the production of vaginal fluids is stimulated, which protects the cervix, returns the youthfulness, the desire for sexuality and increases sexual pleasure of both partners.

Besides the strengthening of the Love muscles, smooth muscles and the muscles of the lower abdomen, urogenital diaphragm and pelvic diaphragm, it also prevents the life energy to be drained from the sexual and vital organs.

Simultaneously the reflexive zones in the vagina and cervix are activated, which stimulate the regeneration of vital organs and glands.

At the same time the blood circulation of the uterus, ovaries, vagina and the entire sexual area increases and that means the sexual organs are cleansing from existing blockages, emotional as well as negative sexual intercourse.

Sexual energy increases, activates and awakens and is transformed inside our bodies into life energy, which instead of stress and exhaustion, provides us with great creative energy needed for every day functioning, work, learning,…

Emotional- Sexual Management

Manage Your Emotional and Sexual Energy

Emotions are energy. Energy is indestructible. We can transform energy from one condition to the other. Negative emotional energy or negative emotions like anger, fear, depression, sadness, aggression, hatred, intolerance, distrust etc., cause aging, decline and poisoning of body.

They also destroy our sexual energy, steal our life force, libido and women’s beauty. The body is overloaded with emotional stress. With the help of sophisticated and tested Taoist methods, which are practiced in the Females’ Academy:

  • We recognize and separate the emotional energy
  • Recycle the negative energy into positive energy
  • Compost heavy, overloading emotions into positive
  • Increase positive emotions

On the other side the positive emotions or positive energy cause healthy and creative effects in the body. The body begins to reproduce more defensive, immune, healthy substances that have a beneficial impact on our health, well-being and vitality.

In combination with sexual energy, which has multiple effects, we can increase sexual strength and positive emotions simultaneously.


“My meeting with Karmen was a beautiful surprise and a gift of fate. I am 54 years old and I am experiencing a delicate period of my femininity. I feel that this method is complete and that the organs, emotions and energy are all connected. The first thing I have discovered was I did not realize my feelings, I was empty and closed up. Secondly, my “internal rhythm” slowed down and became softer, I began to believe. The exercises showed me an existing flow of power in me that caused my vagina to lubricate again. I feel the new possibility to be reborn as a woman. This was a wonderful experience that is now a part of my daily life.”

I have been engaged in oriental dance for 17 years now, which I also teach for the 13 year. With dance I wish for the women not only to realize the charm of oriental dance, but most of all to awaken their femininity, gracefulness, gentleness and to feel content in their bodies. That is why I wish to emphasize the meaning of the inner female energy with my exercises. It is no coincidence that I met Karmen this year. I was overwhelmed by her love for herself and the skills she has taught us, how to activate the female sexual energy. Her guidance through the exercises calmed me down and filled me with a hormonal wave.

Not only are the exercises important, but also the focus on yourself and your feelings, your inner peace. I do the exercises several times a day, when washing my teeth, drying my hair, while on the train…the more simple ones but effective enough, which do not take up much time. The more intimate exercises I do at home of course, where I have complete peace in order to reach the most effective result.

If only women and girls would be aware how little is needed, then all would regularly perform the skills I have learned with Karmen.

Exactly Taoist Skills are an important puzzle on my path, my very own personal construction of myself. They have made it possible to feel that I am a woman, I am gentle, full of love. Yesterday I saw myself as a woman for the first time in my 33 years and it felt wonderful. Even though my entire life has been turned upside down.

Dear Karmen, you are doing a priceless work for us women – women, who were lost and women, who still are lost. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this experience. For all your support, advice, for your enthusiasm about life. I admit, I have wanted to stand in your shoes many times, to be you – beautiful, gentle, full of energy, drive and the will to live. Now I am more and more ready to be me, I am becoming satisfied with myself.

For me, your decision to share your Taoist knowledge and yourself with us, helped save my life.

Thank you so much!

You teach us by setting an example and being positively oriented and you awaken the best in us. I can say that I enjoy our lessons tremendously and can hardly wait for the next Wednesday. Despite me being a complete »Beginner«, I feel progress and I feel that I am truly living. 

A fairly hard year is behind me.
I am now re-constructing myself and renewing.
For me the Wednesday mornings have already become priceless and I am immensely grateful to have met you, that you have come into my life.
Thank you for letting me be a student of your school.

This one hour a day is time for me to experience, to be reminded, what it means to be a woman; that softness and gentleness are virtues and not weaknesses. And that it cannot be »healthy« if we conceal our true nature.

Slowly I will internalize that energy and happiness cannot be searched from outside yourself, because there is a inexhaustible spring inside us that needs to only be activated (instead of using pills, rather practice breathing and connecting to your inner organs).

I know I am in the right place, even though I had no idea why I came in the beginning …now I understand,

It is enough for some to know What and How, I need to know the ‘Why’ and from ‘Where’ – which exercises, how to practice them, how many times a week vs. Why should one do this, what will this achieve, from where does this knowledge come from … and at your lessons I receive both.

Dear Karmen,

I thank you with immense gratitude, for being able to take part at your workshop. I have to admit, I attended without any expectations and again it turned out that in such cases only wonderful things happen to me. I felt relaxed and open, in a word: excellent.

Our dear Taoist instructor,

You can be extremely proud of yourself and we can be endlessly fortunate to have you.

Not only are you the best, you are by far the most beautiful.

We cannot let go of such a kind teacher with enormous knowledge and experience!

Your exercises meet my needs and I hope for us to continue…

Your body is wonderful and thank you for what you are giving us.

What else can I say but that you are the sun and I am grateful to know you.

About Karmen

»Teacher of sexual energy cultivation for personal, professional and social success«

Karmen Bezget, a Bachelor of Science in Economy, is not only the leader and founder of the Females’ Academy and a certified Healing Tao Instructor, but also the owner and director of the company Taormina. A successful, highly motivated, passionate business woman, mother of a magnificent daughter and a teacher of sexual energy cultivation for personal, professional and social success.

Within the Females’ Academy she carries out her mission in Slovenia and across borders. By teaching and practical training, with the help of professional modern knowledge and wisdom of attentively guarded Taoist methods of cultivating the sexual and life potentials, she awakens buried and locked sexual potential.

On her path she has collected modern knowledge in the fields of economic marketing, strategic management, marketing, motivation and communication, Neuro-linguistic

programming etc., and has learned directly from the leading experts in Slovenian and global business areas:  Brian Tracy, Franklin Covey, Drayton Bird, Sugerman, Mag. Lisac, Dr. Šinigoj etc. She gained her Taoist knowledge and methods of sexual cultivation as well as experience directly from renowned Masters and Mistresses:

Master of Natural Methods and Taoist Methods Donka, therapeutic Taoist Master Petrov, Italian global Kung fu Master Giancarla Manca, Taoist Masters:  Master Xuande the president of Wudang Kung fu Federation, Taoist  Senior Instructor Kalemberg,  Shaolin Kung fu teacher Kapetan and many others..

Her knowledge has been certified by Grandmaster Chia and she searched for wisdom together with many other teachers, who all gave her a grain of their knowledge, wisdom and practice.

Karmen Bezget,
Females Academy


Calling and Mission

Why Was it Established? What Is Her Main Task?

The Females’ Academy or Academy for Women is a gift to all modern women. Women who wish to discover within themselves their creative force, creative sexual power, the energy that created us.

The Females’ Academy was created with the purpose to deliver and spread valuable female Taoist wisdom of sexual cultivation as a tool for every modern woman, who wishes to live a happy and prosperous sexual and womanly life with the help of her own female sexual potentials.


Where Are We Going and What Would We Like to Achieve?

We are going to become a respected Females’ Academy of Taoist Methods for Female Sexual Cultivation that is going to spread the Taoist wisdom in innovative ways with the help of professional coworkers and experts over a network of Tao students into desired European countries.


The Basis of Our Function, Culture

• Professionalism
• Trust
• Intimacy
• Efficiency
• Matery