Karmen Bezget

Int. Certified instructor and teacher of sexual alchemy and healing love

Karmen is the director and founder of Females Academy, where she lectures and teaches modern women how to cultivate and awaken their sexual and life potential, with the help of invaluable expertise and wisdom of the ancient Taoist methods. She started her Taoist path fifteen years ago.

Her devotion to the Taoist practice facilitated her change from an exhausted and burnt out business woman into an attractive, vital and prosperous woman she is today. It helped her regain her health, conquer fatal illness, to renew and rejuvenate.

Now she is a successful, enthusiastic, and passionate business woman, a devoted and heart full mother and teacher of cultivating sexual energy for personal, business and social success.

She has been gaining the ancient Taoist knowledge from various renowned masters and mistresses.

Studying with Mantak Chia enabled her to deepen and certify her knowledge, and thus, become an International Certified Instructor, specialised in sexual alchemy and healing love.

Today she shares her knowledge and experience by lecturing and teaching across Slovenia and Europe.

Besides her rich personal experience, she deeply values the experience of more than a thousand participants of her workshops and Healing Sexuality Programme for women, which she has been carrying out in the Females Academy.

Calling and Mission

Why Was it Established? What Is Her Main Task?

The Females’ Academy or Academy for Women is a gift to all modern women. Women who wish to discover within themselves their creative force, creative sexual power, the energy that created us.

The Females’ Academy was created with the purpose to deliver and spread valuable female Taoist wisdom of sexual cultivation as a tool for every modern woman, who wishes to live a happy and prosperous sexual and womanly life with the help of her own female sexual potentials.


Where Are We Going and What Would We Like to Achieve?

Postali bomo ugledna evropska ženska akademija Taoističnih metod ženskega spolnega kultiviranja, ki bo s pomočjo strokovnih sodelavk in sodelavcev na inovativen način širila Tao modrosti preko mreže Tao študentk v ciljnih evropskih državah.


The Basis of Our Function, Culture

• Professionalism
• Trust
• Intimacy
• Efficiency
• Mastery

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