Intensive two days workshop with alchemy formulas for increasing of sexual vitality

Sarajevo, Saturday and Sunday – 22. and 23. 2. 2020 from 10.00 to 15.00

Practically every woman nowadays is facing at least one of the problems mentioned below as modern stressful lifestyle requires more and more of us:

  • menopausal problems, premature menopause, aging of the ovaries
  • tumours, cysts, uterine, vaginal, or ovarian cancer
  • endometriosis or cystitis, inflammation, scarring of reproductive organs due to weak uterus
  • PMS, irregular, painful periods with cramps
  • recurrent vaginal or bladder inflammation, heavy discharge
  • problems with urine leakage, stress incontinence
  • breast diseases and breast cancer
  • fertility problems and female infertility
  • uterine prolapse of various degrees, urethral or bladder prolapse
  • loose vagina, shortening and thinning of vaginal walls
  • premature aging of the vagina
  • painful, burning sexual intercourse
  • vaginal dryness and problems with vaginal lubrication
  • inability to achieve female orgasm
  • stress, burnout, fatigue, adrenal exhaustion, kidney exhaustion linked to decrease in sexual energy
  • sexual hormonal imbalance and other hormonal imbalance
  • low sexual desire – low libido

Mystical formulas, which activates only on New Moon

Why only in this workshop I will reveal mystical formulas of rejuvinantion, which actives only on New Moon?

Females’s sexual superpower comes from females sexual essence – YING

YING is the most powerful force, which creates new lives.

YING is energy, which creates Universe.

YING creates NEW stars, NEW planets.

The same proces of creation is happening in FEMALES UTERUS as in the CENTER OF UNIVERSE. 

Female’s reproductive system is directly connected with source of life – the most powerful energy, which creates Universe and has the most powerful capability of healing.

At the workshop we will, with the help of special gentle practice, awaken our SEXUAL FEMININITY POWER, which the body will use for deeper processes of selfhealing, inner rejuvination, regeneration and spiritual growth.
And these processes are possible only at the time of New Moon.
There is a special pracitce, that is used only on the New Moon, so that all the processes are even deeper and more regenerative.
With special ancient formulas and practice of sexual alchemy we will use the power that we received from our female’s sexual  treasures and what the Moon will be giving to us.

Females Academy’s gifts

for the workshop participants:

Females Academy’s gifts for workshop participants:

  1. FIRST GIFT: 200 Eur savings for applications until 17th of February
    256 eur 56 eur (200 eur savings) For BiH citizens
    256 eur 156 eur (100 eur savings) For International participants
  2. SECOND GIFT: Dark Moon yin tonic for women
    We will prepare for you special traditional recipe, gentle female’s tonic, which extra activates inner female’s sexual regeneration.
    Special New Moon female’s ritual of inner cleaning and inreasing of femininity and subtlety.

How does knowledge of sexual vitalization techniques improve our lives?

What are the gifts that you achieve with their use?

  • Prevention of fatigue and exhaustion,
  • Convert stress and exhaustion into vitality,
  • Restoring the desire for sexuality and creativity,
  • Regeneration of female centres,
  • Increasing and restoring of sexual, vital strength and attractiveness
  • Increase in libido, sexual and life strength and energy,
  • Multi-orgasms,
  • Increasing the moisture of the vagina,
  • Improving the sexual pleasure of both partners,
  • Increasing relaxation,
  • Reducing stress,
  • Removing emotional blocks
  • Restoring and increasing women’s passion,
  • Rejuvenation of vagina, ovaries, uterus, breasts, …
  • Improving breast firmness…
Special New Moon workshop of female’s sexual vitality :
Sarajevo, Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd February 2020
from 10:00 to 15:00

SPECIAL PROMOTION PRICES: for applications until 17th February 

256 eur 56 eur (200 € savings ) for BiH citizens

256 eur 156 eur (100 € savings) for international participants

This workshop has been carefully designed for women

facing many commitments, activities, and stress in their daily lives

If you feel the consequences of active and stressful life on your sexual organs, reproductive organs, ovaries, glands, or in your sexuality, or if you are facing problems brought about by hormonal changes of the pre-menopause and menopause, problems with low sexual and vital power,

this workshop is a fundamental building block with which you can build the basic foundations of your sexual vitality as well as the health of sexual centres and the body.

With the techniques obtained in the workshop, we shall lay the foundations for the practice of sexual alchemy and its transformation into healing and life energy.

Taoist sexual techniques are very effective, the results are three to four times greater than the input.

30 min invested into sexual practice, endow us with energy which enables us to perform our work more quickly, more efficiently and to acquire more free time.

The Taoist and sexual alchemy instructor, Karmen Bezget will lead us through  self-healing sexual wisdom and teach us extremely effective practical techniques:

  • How to transform sexual energy into life energy, rejuvenate brain cells, main glands, thus increasing the memory as well as our own intelligence and mental capacities;
  • How to strengthen and rejuvenate sexual centres, preserve and restore the uterus to the correct position and strengthen it, treat incontinence, rejuvenate ovaries, breast, glands;
  • The techniques of activating the main sexual or vitality muscles: uterus, anus, vagina, circular muscles responsible for preserving sexual and vital energy
  • How to wake up the main energy pumps and centres responsible for the reconstruction and rejuvenation of sexual centres and the whole body: perineum, tailbone, sacrum – an embassy of sexual power and the nervous system, the supply of the uterine wall with blood, and nourishment and rejuvenation;
  • Self-massaging techniques for maintaining health and increasing the power of women’s breasts, nipples that stimulates ovaries, brain and all 7 glands;
  • We will learn the “sacred dance of the sacrum” to increase and preserve sexual vitality, which is of fundamental importance if we want to keep our reproductive organs vital;
  • How to strengthen, restore the original sexual essence that resides in the kidneys and is the basis for our physical and sexual vitality;
  • The method of regularly charging your “bioenergy battery” with the help of sexual energy. When it is emptied, we are first tired, then exhausted. Further, we begin to get sick due to an ineffective defensive system, then we became seriously ill.

At the same time, she will teach us how to use sexual energy as the strongest medication and eternal spring of youth and strength, and:

  • as a generator of life force, vitality and attractiveness,
  • as the most powerful medicine,
  • as an anti-stress agent for fatigue and burnout,
  • as an original rejuvenation capsule,
  • as a fuel for personal and business success.

About Karmen Bezget

Int. Certified instructor and teacher of sexual alchemy and healing love

Karmen is the director and founder of Females Academy, where she lectures and teaches modern women how to cultivate and awaken their sexual and life potential, with the help of invaluable expertise and wisdom of the ancient Taoist methods. She started her Taoist path fifteen years ago.

Her devotion to the Taoist practice facilitated her change from an exhausted and burnt out business woman into an attractive, vital and prosperous woman she is today. It helped her regain her health, conquer fatal illness, to renew and rejuvenate.

Now she is a successful, enthusiastic, and passionate business woman, a devoted and heart full mother and teacher of cultivating sexual energy for personal, business and social success.

She has been gaining the ancient Taoist knowledge from various renowned masters and mistresses.

Studying with Mantak Chia enabled her to deepen and certify her knowledge, and thus, become an International Certified Instructor, specialised in sexual alchemy and healing love.

Today she shares her knowledge and experience by lecturing and teaching across Slovenia and Europe.

Besides her rich personal experience, she deeply values the experience of more than a thousand participants of her workshops and Healing Sexuality Programme for women, which she has been carrying out in the Females Academy.

Special New Moon workshop of female’s sexual vitality :
Sarajevo, Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd February 2020
from 10:00 to 15:00

SPECIAL PROMOTION PRICES: for applications until 17th February 

256 eur 56 eur (200 € savings ) for BiH citizens

256 eur 156 eur (100 € savings) for international participants